Our Gear List- Leisure Travel Van

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This is our gear. We have assembled these items as we have determined our needs. We do not get paid by any manufacturer. If we ever do, we will tell you. We do not profess that these are the best items. Simply, these are our items. They fulfill our needs and if at some point they fail to meet that requirement we will find another product and move on.

Let’s start with our RV! Voyager!

Voyager is a 2022 Wonder RL Leisure Travel Van, which is built on a Ford-350 Transit chassis. It boasts a 3.5L V-6 Gas fueled 310 hp motor, with a 10-speed automatic overdrive select shift transmission.

Why Leisure Travel Van?

We selected a Leisure Travel Van for a variety of reasons, a balance of our wants and needs. After researching many types of RV’s, we needed to prioritize our wishes. As we evaluated different options, we determined which type of RV, and which manufacturer would best satisfy those priorities.

It was not an easy process. We had to envision how we would live full-time in an RV with no previous RV experience and no one to help us. Most salesmen understandably just want to sell an RV. We heavily relied on RV’ing blogs and social media groups to help us understand our day-to-day needs. Then we did our best to determine what we thought would be important to us. At this point in our journey, we hadn’t even heard the term “boondocking”.

We understood how important this decision was, and how it would determine the future success of our RV’ing lifestyle. Leisure Travel Vans quickly rose to the top of our list. The quality of workmanship and equipment available in their product line was exactly what we were looking for, this RV would become our home. Their finishes were high end and their mechanicals were top-of-the-line. Leisure Travel Vans offered product information and videos on their website which allowed learning to begin before we first stepped foot in our new Wonder RL.

Leisure Travel Vans-Impressive Electrical System

Voyager has an impressive solar package. It has four 100-watt rigid solar panels that feed two 200ah lithium batteries (with lithium battery heaters). They are combined with a 2000-watt inverter, which is run effortlessly by multiple controllers. To back up our solar power system, an Onan 4000-watt quiet gasoline generator is ready to go with a push-button start. The LTV is very efficient with dimmable LED lighting. Our water pump and macerator pump are both 12v and operate without the need for the inverter. The walls are insulated and vacuum bonded together providing superior strength and insulating value.

There are very few electrical items that require our 120v system, mostly our top-notch entertainment package. We have two 28″ HD LED TVs with additional JBL sound bars, and a Sony Blu-ray Disc DVD player. The system is seamlessly integrated with an HDMI switch box and pre-wired to hook up to resort cable if available. Our Winegard Wi-Fi extender ensures we have every local station available anywhere we travel. Our 120v systems are easily powered with the push of a button when we are not hooked to shore power.

Wonder RL model layout

Picture from https://leisurevans.com

The Wonder RL model comes with two separate living spaces. A rear lounge area with a corner sofa by day, and with the ease of the Murphy bed transitions to a bedroom at night. The Transit’s front seats effortlessly swivel around forming a second lounge space in the front of the RV. Our Wonder RL also has two separate bathroom spaces. On one side there is a self-contained shower complete with skylight. For us, this space also acts as an additional storage area between showers. The other side efficiently houses the macerator toilet, airplane-sized sink, medicine cabinet, and additional storage space.

Our kitchen is a corner layout design with additional drop-down Corian counter space. It comes complete with a two-burner propane stove. A deep round under the counter-mounted stainless steel sink. A Dometic 6cu.ft. refrigerator with separate freezer space, with a 3-way automatic switching power supply. We also have a stainless-steel built-in power convection, microwave, smart air fryer & grill unit. This one appliance can cook in so many ways there are still things I am learning about it after a year of use. The appliance is easy to use and is very versatile. There is nothing that I have wanted to cook that I have not been able to.

Leisure Travel Vans- 3 Season comfort

We heat our water with a Truma AquaGo propane instant hot water heater. It has several modes you can choose to determine the level of operation you want. The Eco mode is our favorite. It uses very little propane and produces hot water quickly where we want it with little wasted water. It’s great when we are boondocking.

Our primary heat source is our thermostat-controlled 16000BTU Suburban propane furnace. This unit keeps the entire coach toasty and with the positioning of the vents, our floors are even kept warm. We also have a 15000 BTU high capacity Dometic low profile air conditioner with a heat pump. This unit has been the key to us being able to travel anywhere we want to go regardless of temperatures. It has kept us and our furry pets cool and warm in whatever weather we have encountered.

I could go on and on talking about Voyager’s features and benefits, but I will leave that to the salespeople. If you are super tech-savvy and I have said something incorrectly, I apologize in advance. I have learned so much about our Wonder RL in our first year of travel and know I still have more to learn. What we discovered about Voyager is how it was the perfect choice for us at this point in our journey https://hikingmemere.com/our-ltv-story-how-we-became-full-time-rvers/. I’m not sure how we made such a great choice with our limited knowledge, but it is working out better than we could have expected. It is our home!

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