Following Blogs and Social Media: How to

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Teaching April how to share her blog posts on our new website.

Many of us grew up without a computer in our home, or a smartphone in our hands. Gone are the days of large computers with floppy disks and dial-up internet. We are now in a time where our phones have become personal computers. Information is available at our fingertips as fast as we can search for it. As a former medical professional, business owner, and now full-time RVer this has been a lot to learn, but also invaluable. Although social media, and blogging have been around for about 20 years, it may be new to you. These new ways to communicate and connect can make many people nervous. I want to help demystify it.


Let’s start here, a blog is a website that is written informally and updated regularly such as What you are reading now is a blog post. Many of the articles that you may find and read on the internet or in your social media feed are also blog posts. There are a variety of ways that you can access them via the internet or social media. I am going to describe to you how to access ours. If you are here you have likely found our website and decided you want to follow our journey. To make it easy, you are able to sign up to receive an email once a week when there is new content that we have shared. Typically, you would need to search for our website and then find the newest post to see what we have been up to. To sign up you will use the box shown below on our homepage. This may look similar to signing up for something you will get charged for later but no worries, this subscription is FREE.

Here you will enter your email address and click the submit button. You will then have a request to complete screen pop-up to confirm you are not a robot as seen here.

Once this step is completed you will receive an email to confirm that you wish to subscribe and follow our blog. You will click on the button and the process will be completed.

That is it! Once these steps are completed you have been added to our mailing list. You will then receive a welcome email. Now that you have subscribed to our blog you will receive an email once a week if new content has been added to our site. From this email you will be able to preview the new blog post. A link will be provided to bring you directly to our website and the full version of the blog for you to enjoy. If you are new to our site and wish to look at older content that we have shared you can do that too. Go to our website and at the bottom you will see links to all of our archived posts. This whole process can be intimidating if you have not done it before. I want to give you the knowledge and the confidence to push those buttons!

Social Media

Social Media, you may have heard the words and be unsure of what it is or it may make you nervous even if you are a pro at using it to see what your friends and family are posting. Social media however is not just for friends and family but also for you. By following profiles or pages that you are interested in you play an active role in guiding what you see when scrolling through your feed. Examples are friend requests on Facebook, the follow button on Instagram, or the subscribe button on a YouTube channel.

As with blogs, there are many ways to find people you may wish to follow on different social media platforms but we are going to explain the easiest way to follow us. Above is a picture taken from our home page. In the picture, you will see the Facebook icon on the left, the Instagram icon in the middle, and the YouTube icon on the right. These are the platforms where we, as Hiking Memere, share content about our journey in addition to our website. If you have a Facebook and wish to follow us there, you click on the Facebook icon and then once you are viewing the Hiking Memere profile you select the follow button. If you have Instagram and wish to follow us there, you click on the Instagram icon and once viewing the Hiking Memere profile you will select the follow button. If you wish to follow our YouTube channel, where we will post a variety of videos, you will click on the YouTube icon and once viewing our Hiking Memere channel you will select the subscribe button. As with the blog, there is not cost to any of this.

We hope that this has been helpful information that you can use to follow our journey but also as you continue on yours!

Hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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  1. Thank you, I may read this a few times to really understand the whole process. I tell people I thank my children for keeping me up on all this computer an iPhone stuff. Thanks

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