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Driftsun Rover 220 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Our Driftsun Rover 220 inflatable kayak https://driftsun.com/collections/inflatable-kayaks/products/rover-220-inflatable-two-person-kayak-1 is a recent addition to our gear. We purchased it on Amazon and shipped it to our daughter’s home, where we picked it up, while there for a visit. The Driftsun is the first inflatable and the first 2-person kayak Jess and I have owned. When we lived in our stick and brick we each had our own brightly colored recreational hard sided kayak and used them in small local ponds and streams.

The Driftsun came packed in a heavy duty bag with straps which can be carried like a backpack. The first time we took our new kayak out of its bag and inflated it we were happy with our choice. Jess researched many types of kayaks, inflatables, folding, and traditional style boats. Because of our vehicle weight limitations and storage availability, the Driftsun gave us the largest payload capacity in the smallest package.

During our first paddle we explored a lake on a beautiful sunny day with calm waters. Paddling a two-person kayak took us some getting used to, but we eventually figured it out. The more paddling we have done the better we have become at it. Because the ease of set-up and break down is quick and easy we have used our Driftsun in many states throughout our travels even when we only have a few hours.

Specifications & Features

The picture below is the specification and features page from the Driftsun website. A couple of the most important reasons we purchased the Driftsun was the weight of the kayak only 28lbs. and the payload capacity of 600lbs. The Driftsun is durable and can stand up to rocks and hazards and is made out of a reinforced PVC material. We were also impressed with its class III-IV white water rating.

It has adjustable seats and foot rests, aluminum paddles, self bailing drain plugs and a removable skeg. The high-pressure floor feels like a solid bottom boat, which provides stability and comfort. As with all our gear list items, these are simply our items. We do not receive any money from any companies and are not recommending any products. We read many blogs from many people before choosing our own pieces of gear.

Castle Rock Bay, Lake Havasu, Arizona

Nishiki Women’s Pueblo Bike

We purchased Nishiki women’s bicycles https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/nishiki-womens-pueblo-26-mountain-bike-16niswnshkpbl15lxrmb/16niswnshkpbl15lxrmb because they are durable and comfortable. When we moved to Portland, ME we had accessibility to many urban bike paths. We had no idea what bikes to purchase, and because we were not sure we would even enjoy biking, we chose to start small. If we enjoyed biking we thought we could upgrade at some point.

Dick’s Sporting Goods was close to our home and we decided to start there. We found a helpful sales associate who recommended these bikes and fit us to the proper size. After an hour in the store, we were riding our new bikes home. The Nishiki was the perfect bike for us, because it is simple, it is a 7-speed, with Shimono Tourney derailleurs which operate with a twist of the handle. It has a comfortable saddle seat and great suspension with shock absorption for trail riding.

The bike weighs just over 35 lbs. and has a 300 lb. payload capacity. All around performance provides a comfortable ride on urban paved trails or on a grueling rocky single track path. Riding has become one of our favorite activities, we ride 3-4 times per week. Three flat tires a destroyed derailleur, many bolt adjustments and tightening, these bikes are still going strong after three years of use and many miles.

Kryptonite-Bike Lock

Kryptonite combination https://www.walmart.com/ip/Kryptonite-12-7mm-U-Lock-Bicycle-Lock-Standard/10370936?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0 locks keep our bikes safe. I love these combination locks they reset easily and there is no need to carry keys. We use them to lock our bikes to our bike rack as well as when we are out in the community. An added benefit to these locks is the movable dust cover, which protects the mechanical numbers for smooth operation.

Climbing Gear

Petzel https://www.petzl.com/US/en harness, Tenaya https://tenaya.net/en/climbing-shoes climbing shoes, Scarpa https://us.scarpa.com/rock-climbing climbing shoes, chalk bags, ATC belay device, and Locking D-rings complete our climbing gear. Jess and I love indoor climbing gyms. Climbing was a new activity for Jess when we met. I had enjoyed climbing indoors, outdoors and even ice climbing with a friend for years. Rock climbing indoors is an exhilarating sport.

Out door climbing is a completely different world and requires strength, skill and knowledge. To safely navigate outdoor rock climbs, ropes, quick draws, carabiners, cams, wire nuts, runners, and slings are just some of the necessary gear. The the cost and weight of this gear is only one of the barriers to this sport, knowledge of route planning, tying climbing knots, building anchors, setting gear is another, then there is the physical ability to perform the moves required to safely lead the climb.

Lead climbers possess more skill and knowledge, they climb above the protected route and are at risk of bigger falls. Lead climbing is an art and requires an attitude to back-up the skills. Neither Jess nor I possess these attributes, which makes climbing outside an impossibly, without a friend to lead. Maybe someday there will be some outside climbing in our future, but there will be a lot for us to learn first!

Pickle Ball

Pickle ball is in the news as the fastest growing new sport. We had the pleasure of learning how to play pickle ball from our neighbors. Our neighbor and his sister both happened to be tennis coaches and were often playing pickle ball in his yard when she visited. They invited us to play and taught us the simple rules of the game.

We enjoyed it the first time we played, of course they were wonderful teachers and did not beat us up too bad! Jess and I play pickle ball together, but it’s even better when we can play against others at the courts. The cost of paddles can range greatly based on performance. Jess and I purchased an inexpensive Onix https://www.onixpickleball.com/collections/paddles?gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA4NWrBhD-ARIsAFCKwWsvA-S5-QfMnBNIY1vWkCcPRsuMQ-FttQPs8eSgBUnXfCzfnsr7H-oaApvyEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds starter set for about thirty dollars. It is perfect for our skill level! The small amount of gear required for this sport makes it excellent for our full-time RV lifestyle.

Disc Golf

This was our first attempt at disc golf. We purchased a starter pack of Innova discs https://www.innovadiscs.com/disc-golf-starter-set/ and biked to one of the several disc golf courses in the area. Disc golf is played like real golf, there is a tee and fairway and even putters. The various style disk are thrown towards the disc golf basket. Players keep track of throws and as in golf the lowest score wins.

There are course specific rules things like “mando’s” and out of bounds on each course. Jess found an app on her phone called udisc, which gives locations of courses nearby, in addition, we can use the app to keep score and know the distances and pars of each basket.

Disc golf has been around for many years, and was created from one man’s vision and dedication to the new sport. He patented discs, disc golf baskets, designed and installed the first disc golf courses, trademarked the term disc golf, created the sport of disc golf and founded the disc golf association and more.

This is the starter set of disc’s we purchased above.

I found this information which describes some of the different discs available from DGA discs.


Frisbee the simple to use and easy to carry game which was the predecessor and inspiration of disc golf, Jess and I carry this basic frisbee with us throughout our travels. It is lightweight and provides a fun way to get some exercise and entertainment almost anywhere.

Fishing Poles

These are called Ugly stick GX2 spinning fishing rod and reel combo’s https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ugly-Stik-6-6-GX2-Spinning-Fishing-Rod-and-Reel-Spinning-Combo/33590637, which we purchased from Walmart. There quality meets our needs and were an affordable option for recreational fisherman like ourselves. The Shakespeare reel has worked well and is easy to cast.

Fishing is an activity we were excited about doing as we explore across the country. There was one thing we did not consider the cost of licensing. Each state has its own rules with many different associated costs. Many places we can purchase day or weekly licenses but the cost can quickly add up for a few hours of entertainment. We do not eat the fish and practice catch and release fishing.

I appreciate and value fishing resource protection and the financial support necessary to support its success. Because we are Nevada residents, we always have to pay the higher out-of-state fees in any state other than our own. I do wish states would practice reciprocity and accept other states licenses, even if that meant paying a higher nationwide fee. We seldom used our poles and may sadly leave them behind in our future travels. Food for thought. Live Simple Live Happy

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