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When we decided we were going to be living full-time in our RV, we immediately began researching what items we would need. Can we downsize it? Can we re-purpose something we already own? Where can I buy what I need? There were many things to consider weight, power requirements, space and multi-function capabilities. We chose our items carefully and added more over time. As with all of our gear it is simply our gear and works for our style of travel.

3QT. Instant Pot

Our 3 Qt. Instant Pot has quickly become one of my favorite tools. We use it every few days. Beans, soups, cereals, grains, casseroles, and more. The amount of meals which can be prepared are only limited by my imagination.

The 3 Qt. unit is compact measuring in at 11.4″ at the widest point and 11.2″ tall. The lid is dishwasher safe, which is not important to us but knowing it can be submerged in water and is easily washable ensures caring for it is a breeze. The unit can pressure cook, slow cook, cook rice, steam, sauté, make yogurt, and keep food warm.

It is efficient, simple, and easy to use. Basically, a set-it and forget-it. We even use the inner cooking pot as an additional mixing bowl and storage container.

Air Purifier

hOmeLabs True HEPA Air Purifier with H13 Filter. This air purifier is economical and designed for 215 Square feet and has a 3-stage process which removes 99.97% of airborne particles. It is a compact 7.8″ diameter which is 12.8″ tall and weighs in at 5.29 lbs. This filter requires 29W of 120V-60Hz power. Its three stage filtration includes a pre-filter, HEPA and activated carbon filter. It can effectively remove dust, smoke, pet dander, and more.

The HEPA and activated carbon filter is a single unit which we replace when the unit tells us to do so. Simply unscrew the bottom, remove the old filter and replace with the new. Typically I vacuum the pre-filter at this time as well. The website states the filters last up to 2100 hours on medium or low, which is about three months when run full-time. This is typical of our experience.

This air purifier is not just for RV’s, it would be perfect for small spaces or individual rooms. In addition, it’s quiet running low fan speed creates the perfect level white noise for those who love sleeping with noise.


Shark Wandvac Power Pet Cordless Vacuum WV400 Series is lots of power in a compact RV friendly size. It is lightweight at 1.5 lbs. and is cordless, which allows ease of use. The charging dock plugs into a standard 120V outlet and provides fast charging as well as a convenient storage option. The fully charged unit provides 35 minutes of vacuuming.

The website boast that it has the most suction of any cordless hand vac under 1.5lbs. There is an easy to empty debris container. In addition an included washable filter. With several adapters it provides access to small spaces allowing for complete cleaning.

When we began our Full-time RV’ing journey Jess and I were out numbered by pets. Two dogs and one cat. Keeping our space clean was as important to us in our RV as it was in our stick and brick. This vacuum has been the perfect tool. We use ours daily. We charge it when we are hooked to power and unplug the base when boondocking. The vacuum’s battery has plenty of power to last several days.

Various Fans

Fans were not part of our original gear, we have added them as our journey has progressed. The first need we had was to help circulate air in our refrigerator. In the hot weather above 90 degrees the refrigerator starts to have to work pretty hard. Because ours is filled with so many vegetables, which produce a lot of humidity it adds to the difficulty.

The cooling fins were icing up reducing the refrigerators efficiency. The small square fans were a perfect solution. They are rechargeable, with multiple speeds. Their size made them easy to place anywhere in the fridge. This helped better move air around, reducing humidity. It was a simple and inexpensive solution.

The Ryobi fan we also purchased in the heat of the summer. While in Minnesota there were unusual high temperatures, above 100 degrees for many days in a row. We were boondocking and using our generator to run our air conditioner. Unfortunately, the generator kept overheating and shutting itself off as protection for the unit.

After we fully serviced the generator and called everyone we could find to troubleshoot the problem. Essentially we had no solution. We repositioned our LTV to minimize the amount of direct sunlight to the generator compartment and purchased the Ryobi fan. We placed the fan outside of the generator compartment and allowed it to blow air past the generator. It worked!


Sunbeam Compact Iron model

My mom will be proud to see this piece of equipment. Unfortunately when we selected our clothing, we did not pick all wrinkle free items. When I grab a button down shirt and it’s wrinkled around the buttons or the collar, I immediately grab for the iron.

It is 7.9″L x 3.6″ W and works as good as a full-size model. The iron weighs just 1.2 lbs. and comes with a 8-ft. cord. It has a 90ml water tank and delivers a powerful shot of steam. There is a fabric selector dial allowing for the proper heat setting.

Any flat surface will work as an impromptu ironing board. I simply place a bath towel on the top, and it becomes an instant ironing board. The iron is 800 watts and easily works off our inverter. This allows me to iron our clothes anywhere we happen to be.

Mini LED lights

Our Leisure Travel Van comes nicely equipped with highly efficient LED lighting. However, we discovered these, round LED tap lights from the Leisure Travel Van Enthusiasts Facebook page. They can be purchased in a pack of six and are battery operated.

They are perfect for small spaces such as inside closets or under the sink. I also use them in areas where sometimes I only want a small amount of light in a localized area, as pictured above. If Jess is still sleeping, this small light gives me enough to read without waking her up.

They are 2.7″ and 1″ tall. They come with a self-adhesive back cover, I typically use a 3-M removable hanger on mine. they are a powerful 50 lumens and weigh a whopping .07 lbs. Three triple A batteries power them for many hours.

Storage Containers

We dedicated an entire drawer to our dried beans, gains, rice, nuts, and fruit. These containers were a perfect fit! We picked the proper sized container for each food item, basically the container size matches the volume of product we buy. They are clear allowing us to see the exact amount of product remaining. We tried many combinations until we found the exact amount to maximum the space.

This view better illustrates the volume and variety we are able to keep on hand. We love that the containers are heavy duty and all look alike. They are easy to clean and durable.

Our Wonder RL has the perfect space for this size container. We store nuts and spices in them. I love being able to easily see the contents. Every RV has its own unique sized spaces. Think out of the box. I measured the space and began my search on Amazon. Within a few minutes I found the perfect size at an affordable price and ordered them.


We chose pans we already owned from our cupboards with one addition. Two 10″ high quality non-stick frying pans, and one smaller 8″ pan. We purchased the 4Qt. steamer/sauce pan from Walmart. It replaced several pans, with one efficient option, giving us the ability to steam, sauté, and cook anything we wish. Our Dometic two-burner stove easily allows for one larger pan and one smaller pan to be used simultaneously.

Microwave Pans

This marvelous container makes the best popcorn! Its second job is an additional bowl. Many of the best RV tools have multi-purposes. When we are not using it to make popcorn or as an extra bowl, it folds down easily to a couple inches tall. It’s lightweight and compact.

Oven Pans

Our LTV came with the gray sheet pan and the grill rack. We searched high and low for an additional proper sized rack to use when we air fry. The round basket we found was perfect. It came as a package with the additional black pan. We can air fry tater tots in the basket at the same time we are cooking a plant-based protein such as fish sticks or chicken patty on the rack. Saves us time and energy!

The glass 9″ pie plate was our solution to baking in the convection oven. The depth is perfect for breads, casseroles, and even roasts.

The oven pans stack easily together and safely travel in the oven space.


This drawer is one of the most used spaces in our RV. It contains all of our cooking utensils, silverware, and most frequently used small tools. We purchased the grey holder from Amazon which adds storage and helps organize the space. Paring down the kitchen tools we were going to bring RV’ing with us was not an easy task. We had three full drawers of them in our stick and brick.

Jess and I both picked items we wanted, with many of our favorites being left behind. We decided on a service of four utensils incase we had company. It has worked perfectly. We have had everything we needed over our first year and half of travel.

Magnetic strip

This magnetic strip we discovered on Amazon. I used multiple 3-M strips to adhere it to the wall. It has been a wonderful addition to store our sharp objects. It’s clean look and efficient use of space has added a feel of home to our RV kitchen.

Long tongs

I have included this rack as part of our home goods because it is an important piece of our cooking equipment. It provides a simple solution to cooking over an open flame when we are in areas that it is allowed. These long tongs allow me to safely move wood or food around, when cooking over a fire pit.

Dish ware

Our dishware is simple and old! The colorful plates we purchased at least fifteen years ago! At the time we were spending any of our free time camping and hiking in the woods of Maine and New Hampshire. We hated the idea of using disposable paper plates. We found these colorful, lightweight, and durable dishes and have been using them ever since.

When our grand-daughter was born our daughter surprised us with the two coffee mugs. Proudly announcing our promotion to Memere and Nana!

These multi-purpose inexpensive containers we use everyday. They are great for holding prepped vegetables, salads, cooked beans, cereals. I also chose one high quality mixing bowl. The size is perfect for our needs.


These are the additional tools in our RV kitchen. A couple of light weight cutting boards. A tea pot which we use to heat water for coffee. A potato masher, shredder and sink rack.

Our gear

Our gear provides all the daily tools to help us feel at home wherever we wander. Exploring this beautiful country full-time in our Leisure Travel Van is the opportunity of a lifetime. The home goods we surround ourself with assist us in our efficient and simple style of travel.

Get out there and discover your own gear and what makes you happy. Live Simple Live Happy

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