Lake Havasu Lighthouses

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Parker Dam, built in 1938, on the Colorado River created Lake Havasu. It supplies water to the Colorado River aqueduct and the Central Arizona Project, which provides water to Southern California and Central Arizona. Lake Havasu’s shoreline is more than 400 miles long. Much of it is undeveloped with abrupt and dangerous turns. Because of it’s dark skies and nondescript desert landscape, navigation was very challenging. Especially for the many visitors to the area. There were many accidents, injuries, and even deaths because of the difficulty.

Lake Havasu Lighthouses are the creation of the Lake Havasu City Lighthouse Club Two local business men founded the group. They were concerned about nighttime safety and navigation for boaters and fisherman. The group proposed installing a series of marker lights, around the lake to aid in navigation, which county officials denied.

One of the business men was working with Lake Havasu Marina, which operated a small original design lighthouse on their property giving him the idea. The group presented building scaled replicas of lighthouses around the lake. The city approved the plan. The Lake Havasu Lighthouse club, a non-profit, independent group of citizens, began building and maintains the lighthouses around the lake.

In addition to helping boaters navigate, the lighthouses are important landmarks aiding rescue personnel, in the event of an emergency. Many of the lighthouses are accessible by hiking, however, several are only reachable by boat. The lighthouses have helped more than one disorientated hiker find their way home.

Lake Havasu Lighthouses

Lake Havasu lighthouses are replica’s of famous American lighthouses and East Quoddy light, from Canada. The U.S. Coast Guard regulates lighthouses and the Lake Havasu lighthouses are no exception. The light houses on the California side of Lake Havasu are original to the West Coast of the US, and use a green beacon. The lighthouses on the Arizona side of Lake Havasu are original to the East Coast and use a red beacon. Great Lakes lighthouses are located around the island.

Lake Havasu City boasts that it is the city with the most lighthouses, with twenty-eight functional lighthouses. Providing another unique tourist attraction to the area.

Day One Ride

Day one goal, was simple ride to all the lighthouses on the Island and around the canal in Lake Havasu, and take a picture with my bike. We had previously visited eight of them, I knew there were a few more but I wasn’t sure how many. I estimated it would take a few hours,

I decided to start my trip at the visitor center in the English Village. Where, I knew there was information and maps pertaining to the Lake Havasu City Lighthouse club and the many light houses. I hoped I would find the information I needed. I took a couple of pictures and picked up a map and headed a shot distance to Rotary Park to take my first picture. There, I found Currituck Beach Lighthouse as I was taking my picture I noticed another lighthouse just down the shoreline and decided to add it to my pictures. Because I was on the mainland my next stop would be East Quoddy light which is the opposite direction in Lake Havasu State Park.

As we were biking there I realized I had forgotten my State Park pass and I decided to turn around and head back to the island to take as many pictures as I could before dark. My guesstimate of a few hours was woefully inadequate. In two hours I only had three pictures. I managed to take a total of six pictures on day one. We rode almost fifteen miles, with the last few miles in the dark . I hoped day two would be more productive!

Day Two

Day two we hiked in the morning and were excited to take the remainder of the pictures and maybe get some ice cream. I was, armed, with the information from the Lake Havasu Lighthouse club. I had my State Park Pass, and I had mapped out the best route. Another fourteen miles and I had taken eight more pictures.

Dedicated Volunteers

When I started this project, I had no idea of the enormous amount of volunteers who are essential in the maintenance and preservation of all lighthouses. These enthusiast and volunteers donate their time and money to the preservation of the histories and care of these lighthouses. They assist in the day to day operations of the lighthouses and museums. In addition, help educate the public to the history and surrounding area of the individual lights.

Many people love lighthouses, because they can symbolize hope, especially in times of darkness. Whether the lighthouse is signaling, Stay Away Danger or, Come This Way it provides guidance. They save lives and provide essential information.

The United States Lighthouse Society, offers information and a passport program for interested people. There are many groups which support the individual lighthouses. I have included links to each individual lighthouse website the sources for the information provided. Please visit their sites for additional facts because I have barely touched the surface. Many of the Lake Havasu lighthouses have plaques which provide the facts which have been provided by the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club.

Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Corolla, NC.

The original Carrituck Beach lighthouse is located on the North Carolina coast line in Corolla, NC. The light house was first lit on December 1, 1875. It is special in many ways the lighthouse still has its original fresnel lens and is operational today. Currituck lighthouse has 220 steps. One can be climb them for a fee, but only during certain times of the year and in good weather.


Lake Havasu Carrituck Beach lighthouse is located at the SE corner of Bridgewater Channel sitting between the water and walking path in Rotary Park. It is one-eighth the size of the original.

Fire Island Lighthouse, NY.

Fire Island Lighthouse is located in New York Harbor. It was described as the first sight European immigrants saw when they came to the US in the 1800’s. Built in 1826, the original lighthouse was too short. Ultimately causing it to be disassembled and re-built in 1858 to a height of 168′ tall.

Fire Island Lighthouse has gone through many changes over the years including decommissioning, and has been under the care of different organizations like the Coast Guard and the National Park Service. Restored, it is once again operational as an official navigation aid. The Fire Island Preservation Society owns and maintains the lighthouse.


Lake Havasu Fire Island is located at Piccadilly Point south of Rotary Park.

Buffalo Main, Buffalo, NY.

Buffalo Main lighthouse is located on the coast of Lake Erie at the entrance to the Erie canal on the Buffalo river. It was first built in 1818 but was not adequate for the amount of ships traveling through the canal, it was re-built in 1833. After many years of service, it is no longer functioning as a navigational beacon. The Buffalo lighthouse society restored and preserved the lighthouse. Re-development of the area created Buffalo Lighthouse Park and opened in 2011.


Lake Havasu’s Buffalo Main is located at the South end of the channel on the island almost directly across from Carrituck Beach Lighthouse.

West Quoddy, Lubec, ME.

West Quoddy was especially exciting for us to see. I have never been to the original West Quoddy lighthouse in Lubec, Maine even though we live there for fifty years. The lighthouse is the eastern most point of the continental US and was re-built three times. I learned Quoddy means “Fertile and Beautiful Place”, which comes from the Native American Passamaquoddy tribe.


Lake Havasu’s West Quoddy is located at the NW corner of the North entrance to the canal, with-in Crazy Horse RV park. We were concerned we would not be able to take pictures of the two lighthouses in the park, but it was an easy process. We simply stopped at the guard house and asked if it was ok to go see the lighthouses. They allowed us to enter the park and provided us directions.

Robert H. Manning, Empire, MI.

Robert H Manning Memorial Lighthouse is located in Empire, MI. Mr. Manning was an avid fisherman. He was disappointed there was no lighthouse to help guide him home after his fishing trips. After his passsing his friends and family raised money to erect a lighthouse in his honor. Dedicated in 1991, it is listed as Manning Light on the coast guard light list.


Lake Havasu’s Robert H Manning Memorial Lighthouse is located in the entrance to the marina at Crazy Horse Campground. Crazy Horse RV Park & Campground sponsor this lighthouse.

Lake Havasu Marina, Lake Havasu, AZ

There is an interesting story about the Lake Havasu marina lighthouse, it is located on a point at the entrance to Lake Havasu marina. This is an original lighthouse and was unintentionally the beginning of utilizing lighthouses as directional beacons around the lake.

Wind Point, WI

Wind Point lighthouse, first lit in 1880, continues to be used today. It is located in the village of wind point in Racine county, Wisconsin. It stands 108′ tall and for many years the Lighthouse keepers needed to carry over 200 gallons of fuel up the stairs for its operation. The lighthouse was automated in 1964. Today, the Village of Wind Point maintains and operates the lighthouse as a historic site.


Lake Havasu’s wind point is located at Site Six channel on the island.

Alpena, Alpine, MI.

Alpena lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Thunder Bay river on Lake Huron near Alpena, MI. This all metal lighthouse began operation in 1914 after a fire destroyed the original all wooden lighthouse. The lighthouse is currently under the care of the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy.


Lake Havasu’s Alpena is located near Site Five on the island.

Point Gratiot Lighthouse, Dunkirk, NY.

Point Gratiot Lighthouse is located on the south shore of Lake Erie in Dunkirk, NY. Built in 1875, it remains operational today. It has a museum and offers tours to the upper observation level of the lighthouse as well as the keepers home.


Lake Havasu’s Point Gratiot is located at Pittsburgh Point, North West of Site Five on the Island.

Split Rock, Two Harbors, MN

Split Rock Lighthouse, built in 1919, is located in Lake Superior at Two Harbors, Minnesota. The lighthouse sits on top of a 130-foot cliff and can be visited today. It was decommissioned in 1969 but it remains in operational condition today. On November 10th during the Edmund Fitzgerald Beacon Lighting Ceremony it is lit to remember the sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald and all the other boats lost on the Great Lakes.


Lake Havasu’s Split Rock is located on the Northwest corner of the island.

Vermilion, Lake Erie, Vermilion, OH

Vermilion lighthouse, built in 1877, is located on Lake Erie in Ohio. In 1929, the US Army Corps of Engineers dismantled the lighthouse as it had begun to lean. Replacing it with an unpopular steel structure.

Many years later Ted Wakefield one of the people who originally noticed the leaning lighthouse had the idea of constructing a replica of the 1877 lighthouse at Harbor View which had been his childhood home and was now under the care of the Great Lakes Historical Society.

In 1992 the replica became operational as a navigational aid. The community later learned of the most recent renovation that had taken place. Then reactivated in 1935 on Cape Vincent, in Lake Ontario at the entrance to the Saint Lawrence Seaway and is operational today.


Lake Havasu’s Vermillion is located on the North side of the island.

Algoma Pierhead Lighthouse, Algoma, WI.

Algoma Pierchead lighthouse is located on the breakwater of the Ahnapee River entrance in downtown Algoma, near Green Bay, Wisconsin. The lighthouse started operating in 1893. In 1910 a siren fog signal was added and the lighthouse was automated in 1973. The city of Algoma now owns the lighthouse.


Lake Havasu’s Algoma lighthouse is located at Spectator Point on the Island, which is within the Nautical Beachfront Resorts property.

White Shoal, Lake Michigan, 20 miles W of Mackinac Bridge.

White Shoal Lighthouse is located at the entrance of Lake Michigan 20 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge. It was built over several years and dedicated in 1910. Originally, it was white with a single black strip, it was re-painted in 1937 to black, then finally taking its current colors in 1954. The lighthouse was automated in 1976. In 2014, the Coast Guard determined it was excess. After an eligible agency was not found to take over the facility it was offered at auction. The White Shoal Light Historical Preservation Society is currently restoring the lighthouse. In additiona to being able to visit this lighthouse it is possible to book overnight stays!


Lake Havasu’s White Shoal is located just past the 15th Green on the Island Golf Course.

East Quoddy, New Brunswick, Canada.

East Quoddy Lighthouse is also called Head Harbour and was built in 1829. It is located on the north of Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada. Many keepers and Coast Guard personnel operated it until 1986. Formed in 2000, the Head Harbour Lightstation group protect and preserve the lighthouse.


Lake Havasu’s East Quoddy Lighthouse is located within Lake Havasu State Park on the North Eastern corner of the north end of Bridgewater Channel.

Cape Henry, Virginia Beach, VA.

Cape Henry is located near the “First Landing” spot of the English settlers close to Jamestown and within the Fort Story military base. There are two lighthouses at the site. The original is brick and the new black and white one which was built in 1881. The United States federal government funded the project, the first one to receive this support. Tours are available for a fee.


Lake Havasu’s Cape Henry is located in Lake Havasu State Park at the Site 4 launch ramp.

Chicago Harbor/Navy Pier, Chicago, IL.

Chicago Harbor South East Guidewall Lighthouse is located at the entrance of the Chicago River just south of the Navy pier.


Lake Havasu’s Chicago Harbor/Navy Pier is located south of Site Six within Sam’s Beach Comber Resort.

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